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Class of 2020 (application year 2016-2017)
Class of 2021 (application year 2017-2018)
Class of 2022 (application year 2018-2019)
Class of 2023 (application year 2019-2020)

Complete descriptions of the program's blocks (courses) can be found here.

Please check the block course schedule on Blackboard for the latest updates.

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Clinical Education
Please click here for clinical education information.

Co-Directors of the DPT Professional Education Program:
Douglas N. Savin, MPT, Ph.D
Director for Student and Faculty Affairs for the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Program
Primary Responsibilities:
—Develop academic policies and procedures
—Medical clearance, grading standards, academic progression, grievance, etc.
—Implement academic policies and procedures
—Monitor adherence to academic policy and procedures
—Educate faculty, students, staff on policies and procedures
—Development and monitoring of IAPP’s
—Generating the learning objectives for the IAPP
—Ensuring compliance with the Curriculum Coordinating Committee
—Monitoring of student IAPP from institution to closure
—Development and monitoring of academic accommodations
—Liaison between legal counsel, SOM, and student counseling services

Linda B. Horn, PT, DScPT, MHS
Director for Academic Affairs for the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Program
Primary Responsibilities:
—Operational Block Activities
—Assignment of Block Leaders
—Coordinate Block Leader meetings
—Distribution of core faculty to blocks
—Evaluation of teaching effectiveness
—Oversight of 360 performance review for core and adjunct faculty (obtaining data)
—Adjunct faculty support for blocks
—Evaluating and establishing adjunct teaching coverage needs
—Distributing adjuncts appropriately to blocks
—Review submitted adjunct teaching contract hours requested
—Monitoring distribution between core and adjunct faculty workload
—Adjunct Orientation
—Generate and maintain Academic Calendar

Cara E. Felter, PT, DPT, MPH
Director for Educational Affairs for the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Program
Primary Responsibilities:
—Curricular mapping
—Monitoring DPT educational model
—DPT educational program development
—Ensure CAPTE compliance
—Post-graduate outcomes, employer surveys/focus group meetings
—Oversight of adjunct development process
—Oversight of SOM Annual Report

The Doctor of Physical Therapy program at the University of Maryland School of Medicine is accredited by:

Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE)
111 North Fairfax Street
Alexandria, Virginia, 22314
Telephone: 703-706-3245

If needing to contact the program/institution directly, please call 410-706-7979 or email: