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DPT Multimedia Learning Resources

First Year Courses

DPTE 511: Basic Sciences I  

Please see the UMB's Blackboard site located at to access the multimedia resources for this course. You must have a Blackboard account and be added as a member of the course to access these resources. These resources are not on Itunes currently.

DPTE 512: Professional Issues I 

DPTE 514: Basic Sciences III 

DPTE 516: Medical Issues I 

Second Year Courses

DPTE 521: Medical Issues II 

DPTE 522: Musculoskeletal I 

DPTE 525: Musculoskeletal II 

DPTE 530: Clinical Qualifying Measures 

General Resources

The following resources are not course specific but may be a useful tool to facilitate student learning within the entry-level DPT program at PTRS

American 3B Scientific - Animations